Casa MillerMiller House offer:
» 8 room's
» 6 room's with 2 bad's and 2 room's with 3 bad's
» 7 properly bathrooms
» Kitchen with full options
» Parking lot with 10 place's
» Grill
» Ceaseless warm water
» Place to play for kid's
» Garden

» Breakfast - 3 EUR
» Midday Meal - 4 EUR
» Supper 3 - EUR
» Room with common bathroom 15 EUR
» Double room with properly bathroom 18 EUR
» Triple room with properly bathroom 22 EUR


Miller House is situated in Ocna Sugatag , on specific scenery area.

The Ocna Sugatag commune is situated in north of Romania, in Maramures district, at 47"47`N latitude, 23"57`E longitude, on 500 metres altitude.

Have neigborhood on south Cavnic City and Budesti, at the east si north-east with Calinesti , on south-west with Baia Mare Town,
at the west Desesti free twon.

Ocna Sugatag Locality have medically service's, stomatologic's, post office, an BRD subsidiary, store's and restaurant's, hottel's, Guest Houses and camping place's, and, lot of billeting unit's
accept for paying Visa and Master card's.

The free town Ocna Sugatag is situated on mobile operator's
covering from Romania, and the institution's billeting unit's have network access.

Olso the area is map making, mayoralty and guest house's offer traveller`s map's.

*The location map work correctly with Mozila Firefox. For download click here

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